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The Nova Partnership

custom software licensing partnership


Software Development

We build the software with your feedback and feature suggestions.

Help and Support

All of our partners receive benefits for a better and optimal experience, including fast-track support.


All Partners have access to the development roadmap with the ability to influence features.

Code Ownership

Partners have rights to the code, including changes and deployment options.

Our Invitation

Achieving success requires team effort. Lets join forces to create spectacular tools.

Our goal is to create an extremely valuable application which enables the user an easier, smooth and more effective way to complete their tasks at hand. We aim to improve work quality, time management, efficiency and reduce work load for our members.

We believe the best possible way of achieving this is directly through the end-user. We offer attractive benefits through our partnership program for your to get involved.

We want partners who not only understand the industry and would benefit from using the sofware day-to-day.


There are a vast array of benefits for all across two levels, Nova Partner and Gold Partner.

Nova Partner

The Nova Partner is designed for those who wish to participate in testing, feedback and feature requests.

  • The right to access the staging server with a test account
  • The right to a test account Sign in
  • The right to send feedback, bug reports
  • The right to access the Nova Software Roadmap
  • The right to access, view and suggest changes to code
  • The right to recommend and vote for a new feature
  • 10% off the user license fees
  • Access to the extended Application Programming Interface (API)

Gold Partner

The Gold Partner is designed for those who also want to have a standalone system utilizing the code, with rights for custom branding their instance.

  • The right to run the software on separate infrastructure for your own internal usage
  • The right to white-label certain apps and features within the software
  • The right to store a separate database, secure from the main system
  • The right to provide code change as patches or merge requests
  • 20% discount on all user license fees

Help and Support

As a Partner we provide amazing support, 24/7. A direct line to a developer, support engineer or the architect.

Bypass the ticketing system, direct contact, direct support and help when using the software.

With the feedback loop between you and our developers. we can always aim for the best quality.

Code Ownership

As a valued Partner, you also get access and usage rights to the software, the benefits of which are plentiful.

If you have a developer or not, you can utilize us to build custom code, utilize existing code on your own servers and participate in code development if required.

We use the Wave Business License 1.1 (WBL 1.1), to provide a good set of rights to developers and partners.

* The Lucid Ocean and Nova brands are not included in this agreement. Please see terms and conditions in your Nova Partner pack.


Ever thought about franchising an existing profitable business?

With NOVA property suite you can do just that. We provide the tools and you can generate a successful, profitable business. Join us on our road map or alternatively start your own inspection business. Inspections are conducted in almost all industries across the globe including but not limited to:

  • Construction
  • Maritime
  • Aviation
  • Property
  • Automotive
  • Engineering
  • Hospitality
  • Refrigeration
  • many others...

We know how important success is which is why us here at NOVA have built a product with pure quality and opportunity. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!

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