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Nova Product Suite

Manage inspections, snaglists, quality control, maintenance.
Built for Agents, Contractors and Inspectors
Increase productivity.

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Inspection Application



Manage your property inspections from your phone, tablet or back in the office on the web. Take photos and build your report easily. Designed to work no matter your workflow.


Add bookings and get reminders before they are due. Bookings are easy to create, including an API that your website can talk to. View bookings on built-in calendar or export it for use in another calendar.


All inspections are compiled and presented in a neatly designed report. We create a web based report which can be shared with others. You can also export and share by traditional means.


Full notifications for reminders and alerts direct to your phone and inbox. We support mobile and email notifications. You can decide what notifications you receive and send to others.

Estate Agent

Rental Agents

  • Effective Snag Lists
  • Instant Sharing
  • Secure Storage


Contracting Management

  • Invoices
  • Quotes
  • Inspections


Management has never been this easy


Easily manage your bookings with high class functionality and features. All your bookings are completed and stored in a secure environment to ensure quality.


Easily manage your building inspections with high class functionality and features. Questions are designed to build an accurate and effective inspection report to ensure quality.


All your data is compiled into a professional and easy to read report. You can share or revoke access to the report easily from inside the application.


Easily secure your building inspections, documents and images with high class functionality and features. Questions are designed to build an accurate and effective inspection report to ensure quality.

Other Features

We pack a lot of features into a simple and basic user interface. We don't like clutter.


Manage your Team. Add Administrators, Standard Users and Inspectors who get different roles and slightly different abilities.


Generate an Invoice and share via email in minutes. Mobile and Printer friendly.

Reports * unlimited storage

Share your Inspection Reports via email to any users via their email address. Add or revoke access to email addresses is quick and simple.

Photos * unlimited storage

Take consistently sized and reduced photos from the app. The aspect ratio and physical size has been optimzied for PDF and sharing.

Still not sure?

Every package gets a core set of unlimited features.

Unlimited bookings | Unlimited properties | Unlimited inspections | Unlimited image storage

Notifications can be used to remind you, your team and your clients.

Want even More?

We also provide partnerships for businesses who want those extra competitive advantage features.

Brand your App

Brand your inspection app with your company's logo and theme color.

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Add Features

Customized features can be added as per request such as push notifications etc.

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